What can we learn by turning Gandhi’s collection of writings into “data”? Gandhi was a prolific writer, as demonstrated by his extensive (digitally available) collected works. For justifiable reasons, he has also been the subject of extensive scholarly inquiry across a range of disciplinary fields, including political science, history, and sociology, to name a few. This project seeks to explore the prospects and limits of turning Gandhi’s writings into a neat set of data. On this website, you will find iterative digital experiments with network visualization, focusing on elements of Gandhi’s discourse communities and geographical references. The goal is to provide a set of interactive network visualizations that can help us to see the bigger picture of his life in new ways and to detect new patterns of his political thinking. But the “datafication” of Gandhi’s writings also rest upon a series of methodological decisions that must be made explicit. In this light, the project also considers (and seeks to reveal) the organizational and methodological assumptions underlying network visualizations and utilizing new digital tools of analysis to study a figure like Gandhi.